Intro to Mexico

Hey Gorgeous! 💋We are off to ‘Mehico’ or Mexico where the traditional chilli is grown and cultivated 🌶︎

Drowning in colourful and cultural history, Mexico is becoming a tourist hot spot for us gays, lesbians and all those inbetween, recent LGBTQ+ rights have seen a surge in gay culture in a place which is dripping with art which dates right back to colonial spanish rule

Zona Rosa translated into English is pink zone which is the main hot spot located in Amberes which is full of bars, clubs and restaurants and is full of lively entertainment in every single corner of this region. Boy Bar is located in the heart of it all offering 3 floors of music, we also recommend popping by Drrama by 42 which has undergone massive reconstruction which offers up market and industrial atmosphere.

Those into leathers pop by Tom’s Leather Bar but be warned it does get a little busy and when leather is sticky it’s hard to move about.

Mexico puts on a great Pride and gives the city a voice for change which is slowly happening, the celebrations mainly take place in Zone Rosa and of course why wouldn’t it? Pride usually takes place in June with over 250 000 joining the celebrations from around the world.