about chillimix

David McDonald

hello from David, our MD

Hi, I'm David - I'm the Managing Director of Chillimix.

I've been in the travel industry for years and set out on a mission - to empower our fellow LGBTQ+ customers with the knowledge they need to travel safely wherever they desire.

My team and I have worked really hard to develop a young, fun, vibrant and energetic brand that mirrors the eccentricity of our customers. As an LGBTQ+ person myself, I have three main passions:

  • travel
  • supporting our LGBTQ+ community
  • advocating for equal oppurtunities

I sit on the Pride Committee for Pride Blackpool and have done for three years and can't wait to support more events and communities in the future.

My favourite holiday destination is Benidorm, there's just something about the place. I'm absolutely hooked. We're hosting our very first Pride Holiday in September 2022 and I cannot wait to don my polo shirt and hat (very much needed - I always carry Factor 30 with me in the sunshine) and become a holiday rep for the week.

My door is always open. So please get in touch.


chillimix is filled with spicy queens and queers who are also travel experts. We want to empower our fellow travellers with the knowledge they need to travel safely wherever they desire.


We've worked our little socks off as well as working with the IGLTA to find out all about destinations around the globe where our community can safely be themselves and be treated with the respect we deserve.


With just a dash of tongue-in-cheek humour (and let's face it, who doesn't love a little bit of tongue in their cheeks?) we aim to whisk you away to experience trips you'll remember for a lifetime!

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